How to Send Money from Cyprus to Senegal

ATL helps you send money from Cyprus to Senegal in 3 simple steps.

Enter Amount

Enter Amount

Enter amount you want to send or recipient to receive.

Add Recipient

Add Recipient

Select an existing recipient or add a new recipient.

Pay & Relax

Confirm and Pay

Confirm your transfer and complete payment for your transfer.

Account Transfer in Senegal

Send money to any bank account in Senegal.

Money will be available in recipient's bank account within 1-2 working days of transaction confirmation.

* Does not apply to weekends or bank holidays.

We require following info about recipient to process your transfer to Senegal.

Beneficiary Name Name of the beneficiary(individual or business) as it appears on their bank statement.
Bank We need the destination bank of the beneficiary. See the list of available banks in Senegal
Branch Code We require 5 digit Branch Code of the destination bank account.
Account Number We require 12 digit Account Number of the beneficiary.
RIB Key We require 2 digit RIB Key of the destination bank account.

Banks in Senegal

1 International Commercial Bank du Sénégal - ICBS
2 Diamond Bank du Sénégal - DBS
3 Societe Generale de Banques du Senegal - SGBS
4 Banque Saharienne Pour l'Investissment et le Commerce du Senegal - BICIS
5 Banque Saharienne Pour l'Investissment et le Commerce du Sénégal - BSICS
6 Crédit International du Sénégal - CIS
7 La Banque Nationale pour le Développement Economique - BNDE
8 United Bank of Africa Sénégal - UBAS
9 Banque de l'Habitat du Senegal - BHS
10 Poste du Sénégal - POSTE
11 Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole du Sénégal-CNCAS
12 Banque de Dakar - BDD
13 Ecobank Sénégal - EcoS
14 Banque Islamique du Sénégal - BIS
15 Bank Of Africa Sénégal - BOAS
16 Citibank Sénégal - CITISN
17 Compagnie Bancaire de l'Afrique Occidentale du Senegal - CBAOS
18 Banque Commerciale Internationale - BCIS
19 Banque Atlantique du Sénégal - BAS
20 Orabank Sénégal - OBS
21 Crédit du Sénégal - CLS
22 Banque Régionale des Marchés Sénégal - BRMS
23 Banque des Institutions Mutualistes d'Afrique de l'Ouest - BIMAO
24 BGFI Bank Sénégal - BGFIS

Cash Pickup in Senegal

Collect cash at any location of WARI in Senegal

Location City Address Phone

We require following info about recipient.

Beneficiary Name Name of the beneficiary as it appears on their ID.
Address Address of the beneficiary.
Mobile Mobile number of the beneficiary.

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Transaction Security

  1. We are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a payment institution with reference number 585091
  2. We are registered as a Money Service Business and supervised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) under Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) No.12832559
  3. We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) with registration number ZA076360
  4. We automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to our systems.

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